7 of My Favorite Breakfast Recipes

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banana cinnamon waffle

I never skip breakfast. And, I like to blog about how important eating a good breakfast every morning is. Have you noticed? :)

It’s the one meal a day I stress never to miss. Starting off the day with a good, nutritious meal will really boost your energy and get your metabolism going!

Here are a few of my favorite breakfast recipes: Read the rest of this entry »


Grilled Spicy Pineapple Chicken Recipe

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pineapple chicken recipe | @kitchenability

Try this grilled chicken recipe at your next BBQ.

The sweetness of the pineapple blends nicely with the spice of the jalapenos, making this a seriously magical chicken marinade.

The recipe below makes enough for four chicken breasts, but it’s easy enough to adjust it to fit the size of your cookout. Read the rest of this entry »


Summer Sips: Spiked Blueberry Lemonade Recipe

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blueberry lemonade | @kitchenability

Celebrate National Blueberry Month with this cool blueberry lemonade recipe — spiked with a shot of vodka!

First, you’ll want to prep your fresh blueberries by freezing some overnight. Then, when you mix your beverage, the blueberries will act as mini ice cubes, without watering down your drink. Genius!

For more blueberry recipes, check out this blog post, which highlights 11 more recipes that feature the nutritionally beneficial blueberry! Read the rest of this entry »


Helpful Wedding Planning Articles for Brides-to-be

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wedding planning

I found a couple of wedding planning articles I would love to highlight. I could not help but share some of the insights, because I have been guilty of many of these things! It is how I have been feeling lately. Wedding planning can be fun, but can also be stressful at times.

6 Things People Don’t Tell You Before Your Wedding That You Should Know

Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

11 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

Here are a couple of things from the article on The Knot that I’m definitely guilty of:

At least one not-so-minor unexpected expense will pop up. Whether it’s weather (gotta rent a tent ’cause it looks like rain) or whimsy (gotta get a backup gown ’cause I can’t make up my mind), something that wasn’t in your budget will materialize. Solved: Even the tightest budget needs a little wiggle room. Build in a buffer (5 percent of the overall budget) from the start, so you won’t have to worry every time the wind blows.

You’re talking wedding way, way more than you think. Have you busted your bestie rolling her eyes when she thought you were too busy expanding on the virtues of fondant vs. buttercream to see? Did your mom start to glaze over the last time you tried to show her pictures of bouquets? Yeah, you’re guilty. Solved: First, accept that you might not actually be able to press pause on the compulsive wedding chatter. Hey, you’re excited, and that’s cool! But expecting one or two people to listen to all of it? Too much. Share the love. Spread the obsessing out over a wider circle of friends (that’s what cubemates are for, right?) and space it out, so you can spare them all, including your fiance, from bride (that would be you) burnout.

Do you have any wedding planning insights to share? I’d love to hear from you!


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7 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

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whiskey peach ice cream | @kitchenability

July is National Ice Cream Month, but, more importantly, today is actually National Ice Cream Day! Basically, this means it is your duty as an American to eat ice cream today.

To help you with this noble cause, I have rounded up a selection of homemade ice cream recipes I’ve concocted over the years. To view the recipes, simply click the recipe names below. And, I’m including an easy-to-share, printable recipe card for my Whiskey Peaches with Brown Sugar and Honey Ice Cream. YUM! Read the rest of this entry »


Summertime Asparagus Salad Recipe

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asparagus salad | @kitchenability

I’m always looking for new summery side dishes to bring to picnics and BBQs, or just to enjoy with a weeknight meal at home.

This summer salad is easy, healthy, and delicious. You can either toss the asparagus on the grill, or follow my stove top instructions below. Then, simply mix the asparagus with some fresh garden tomatoes and mozzarella, drizzle some balsamic glaze on top, and… voila! Read the rest of this entry »


11 Blueberry Recipes for National Blueberry Month

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blueberry lemon ice cream | @kitchenability

It’s National Blueberry Month!

But, blueberries are in season all summer long, so it’s a good time to be thinking about how you can incorporate them into as many recipes as possible.

I’ve already blogged about several recipes that feature the nutritionally beneficial blueberry:

Super Blueberry Smoothie Recipe: Blueberries are an excellent antioxidant and a great addition to almost any morning meal. If I’m not sprinkling them on top of my oatmeal, I’m blending them up into a breakfast smoothie, like this one. Read the rest of this entry »


Homemade Pizzas: Tex-Mex Tortilla Pizza Recipe

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tortilla pizza | @kitchenability

This play on pizza is a really fun and easy recipe to throw together on a busy weeknight. The tortillas crisp up in the oven, creating a very thin crust that you can load up with all of your favorite toppings.

For the recipe below, I went with a Tex-Mex theme and used ground turkey, black beans, corn, red onion, and spinach, substituting the usual pizza sauce for a flavorful BBQ sauce. But I encourage you to play around with the toppings and create your own masterpiece! Read the rest of this entry »


Kitchenability Wedding Planning: Thank You, Ladies!

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Nisa Burns and Carolyn Cox

My wedding planning is coming along!

There’s still a lot to do, but now it’s just figuring out the small details. Lately, I have been stressing over wedding shoes, what to wear with my dress, the centerpieces, seating charts, sending invites out, and a bunch of other small details that go along with getting married.

I could not do any of this without my AMAZING maid of honor! She has kept me in line and in check, has calmed me down, and has spent countless hours with me talking about wedding stuff. Read the rest of this entry »


Beat the Heat: 10 Cold Soup Recipes for Summer

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cold soup recipe | @kitchenability

On these hot summer days, I suggest pairing a fresh summer salad with one of the following cold soup recipes for lunch or dinner. Leave the oven off and instead whip up something cool and refreshing!

One of my favorite cold summer soups is gazpacho. I blogged about this refreshing Gazpacho recipe for Parade Magazine (pictured above), which I suggest you try. Gazpacho is especially seasonally amazing because of the sweetness of the summertime tomatoes. But, there are several other excellent cold soup ideas out there.

I did some browsing and found the following cold soup recipes that sound amazing and I’d like to try: Read the rest of this entry »