25 Fourth of July Recipes: Burgers, Sides & Drinks

It’s time to get ready for your 4th of July cookout! Since many of you will either be planning your own cookouts or figuring out something to bring to someone else’s celebration, I thought I’d round up a bunch of tasty Fourth of July recipe ideas for you. Enjoy!

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Love Your Body: On Body Image and the Media

Women, let’s have some real discussion today. We all feel we have flaws. And many of us have this unnerving feeling that we want to change something about ourselves. For example, mothers, right after child birth, often feel they have to get their pre-baby body back right away, carrying around unbelievable expectations of how they should look. The media has put a



Easy Lemon Chicken Recipe with Cilantro

Watch the video below to see me cooking up one of my all-time favorite dishes: Lemon Cilantro Chicken. The cilantro adds a nice twist to the usual lemon chicken recipe. And, it’s super easy to make.

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A Dog’s Life: Lessons Learned from Our Canine Companions

As many of you know, I love my dog, Archer. We rescued him from the East Coast Canine Alliance dog rescue out of NC when he was only 8 weeks old — around Christmas of 2012. He was the puppy that was gentle, yet playful, and full of love. He was black and white, with big paws and tons of cute, little wrinkles. Many that meet Archer […]

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CoVa BeerFest 2015: Local Beer, Food Trucks & More

The CoVa BeerFest was held this past Saturday at the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, which is the country end of Virginia Beach. Corn fields, lots of land, farms, and fresh produce fill Pungo. It’s truly a little gem that’s located only 20 minutes from where I live. The festival was packed with people, over-sized beer pong was


10 Cold Soup Recipes for Summer

On these hot summer days, I suggest pairing a fresh summer salad with one of the following cold soup recipes for lunch or dinner. Leave the oven off and instead whip up something cool and refreshing! One of my favorite cold summer soups is gazpacho. I blogged about this refreshing Gazpacho recipe for Parade Magazine (pictured above), which I suggest you try. Gazpacho is especially […]

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Cool Tips for Beating the Heat This Summer

Wow, it just shot right into summer. I feel as if I had, like, two weeks of spring and then all of a sudden — BAM! We’re getting 90 degree weather. Well, to beat the heat I am doing a few things that are helping me to get through this hot weather lately:

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Cool and Boozy Margarita Popsicles

Last weekend I made the margarita popsicles featured in this article from BuzzFeed Food: How to Make Boozy Ice Pops. I added a bit more tequila than called for, but hey… the recipe did say to “add more if you like”! Talk about delicious.


Simple Summertime Jungle Juice Recipe

Whether you’re gearing up for a big backyard BBQ or just looking to kick back with a fruity refreshment (with a kick), this jungle juice recipe mixes up the perfect, cool cupful for any summertime occasion.

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Best of BuzzFeed: My Fave Videos, Posts and Tips

I am a total BuzzFeed fan. I try their recipes, I watch their silly videos, I read BuzzFeed Life and I for sure watch The Try Guys! I’m pretty much just a huge BuzzFeed fan. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite BuzzFeed posts, videos and tips.

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