Snow Days and More Snow Days

It has been 6 full snow days (out of school) Virginia Beach kids are celebrating, while parents are chomping at the bits for their kids to go back to school and get back into a normal routine. Many are scrambling to find sitters since most parents don’t get snow days away from work. As we watch the snow to melt away, here are a few fun indoor […]


Safety for Babies and Toddlers

  Safety is something parents are constantly worried about when it comes to their little ones. Especially when their tiny little hands are trying to sneak into uncharted territory, or unsafe cabinets. With that, Kayla Smith has offered some great advice on how to install and guarantee some effective ways to keep your little ones safe! Inѕtаlling Child Sаfеtу Lаtсhеѕ Guest Post By Kayla Smith […]


Battling Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

“Oh My God It happened to me, I thought I was strong, I thought I wasn’t weak, then it hit me like a ton of bricks.” post·par·tum de·pres·sion noun   depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue. The year of my battle with postpartum depression/anxiety is one I didn’t speak much of till now. […]


The Best Careers for Stay at Home Moms

You have decided to be a stay at home mom, yet you want to work. It might be a want for a career or something that can add to the household expenses. Either way, there are a ton of opportunities to help you achieve this. It must be said that some are gimmicky and try to take advantage of mothers who are after real work. […]


Healthy and Affordable Snacks Your Family Can Eat Guilt Free

Kids love to snack, and let’s be honest, so do most adults. It’s great that there are a lot of healthy options for snacking, but they often come at a high cost. We’ve all heard of health food prices gone too far, and we shouldn’t have to overspend to be healthy. After all, that extra money we don’t spend on ridiculous prices could go to […]


Take Your Detox Smoothie From Bland to Delicious

3 Superstar Ingredients to Take Your Detox Smoothie From Bland to Delicious Guest Post By Lucy Wyndham Smoothies are a delicious way to detox and get more nutrients into your body. Smoothies are easy to make at home with the right ingredients on hand and can even help with weight loss, and boosting your immune system. Smoothies are a nutrient dense treat that can help control cravings. […]


A few of my favorite wines!

Wine is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Many that know me well, know that I love a really good glass of wine. Especially while cooking, or after a long day. Being a mom is a tough job, and curling up on the couch with Netflix with a big glass of wine is paradise! Here are a few of my all time favorite Wines! Comment Below on your […]


Guest Post- By Lucy Wyndam “Take your Detox Smoothies From Bland to Delicious”

3 Superstar Ingredients to help you make the most delicious detox smoothie!  Smoothies are delicious ways to detox and get more nutrients into your body. They’re a breeze to make at home, and when whipped up with the right ingredients, they can help with weight loss, immunity boosting, and more. Smoothies are also an extremely nutrient dense treat that can help control cravings and can be […]


Guest Post from SimpliSafe

Preparing your family for any situation   September is National Preparedness Month, and that means that this is the perfect time to teach your families about being prepared for fires, break-ins, and more. This is just the beginning for tips you can be using, so check out ready.gov for even more ideas. This might not seem like the most exciting thing to teach your kids, […]


Who am I outside of Mom?

August 1, 2017  Finding myself again. I feel as if the universe is trying to tell me something. Am I supposed to be a mom right now? Am I supposed to put my dreams, my goals and my ambitions on hold, maybe? Raising a child is not for the weak, the sacrifice is one of the largest you will ever make. Through the many therapy […]

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