Quick Snacks: Cream Cheese Dip for Apples

With school back in session and fall quickly approaching, I’ve been in an apple-snacking mood. One of my favorite ways to eat apples is to slice them up and dip them into this sweet and tangy cream cheese dip—a recipe my husband’s mom used to make and serve quite often when he was growing up. It’s a quick and hearty snack that you can make in […]


College Snacks: “Nutty Mix” Trail Mix Recipe

Did you know today, Monday, August 31 is National Trail Mix Day? I love to assemble different varieties of trail mix for easy and healthy grab-and-go snacks. I buy different nuts and treats and create different mixes to keep things interesting. One of my favorite mixes, which you can find in Kitchenability 101: The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy and Delicious Food, has been […]

21 day fix chicken gyro | @kitchenability


21 Day Fix Recipe: Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

I am trying out the 21 Day Fix fitness plan and am really loving it! I am trying to eat a little more well rounded and a little healthier. Currently, I’m about a third of the way through.


Good Morning! 11 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Get ready because next month (September)  is National Breakfast Month! It’s the perfect time to share some of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes. As followers of this blog well know, I love breakfast foods. And, it’s an important meal to get right, since a healthy breakfast can really jump-start your day, your metabolism and your energy. Breakfast is also one of the those meals that, […]


Toaster Oven Recipe: Mini Veggie English Muffin Pizzas

My mini English muffin pizzas make fun, quick after-school snacks for the kiddos, as well as tasty, grab-and-go bites for the busy college student or worker bee. They’re especially easy to make if you have a toaster oven. Just slice the English muffins in half, throw on some toppings of your choice and toss them in the toaster.

Napa Valley vineyard | @kitchenability


Dining & Drinking in Napa Valley, SF, Big Sur & San Luis Obispo

So, I am back from my trip to California! Man, do I love the West Coast! The food, the wine, the wine, the food…and the weather!! Did I mention the wine? I know this post may be a little late. My apologies if you all have been following my Instagram feed. I have decided to go back to school and, well, I am back in […]


Quick and Healthy Back to School Recipes

It’s hard to believe summer is quickly drawing to a close. The end of summer means the beginning of the new school year for many, and a new school year means busy schedules for students and families. The spirit behind Kitchenability stemmed from my busy college days, when I was trying to eat quick, healthy meals that could be prepared with limited cooking space and […]


Beat the Heat: 12 Cool Cucumber Recipes

In the heat of August, there’s just something about a cool and refreshing cucumber that really hits the spot. One trick I love is to slice up half a cucumber and toss the rounds into an ice-cold pitcher of water. If you’ve ever been to a spa, this recipe will sound familiar. It’s a fun way to add a little flavor to all of that […]


Breakfast Smoothie Recipes: Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Fresh, fruity smoothies are a great way to treat yourself without a ton of calories or added sugar. They’re also a great summertime breakfast—no hot cooking necessary! I like using strawberries and bananas because strawberries give you antioxidants and bananas give you potassium. But you can follow the general recipe below using any fruit you like!


Nutella Peanut Butter Brownies Recipe

Brownies are my favorite dessert. They’re easy to make and they’re always a crowd-pleaser. This recipe for peanut butter brownies with Nutella swirled in is especially to die for, with its extra layers of peanut butter and chocolate-y gooey goodness. Bake up a batch for your next gathering and let me know what you think!

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