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About Nisa Burns Cochran & Kitchenability

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Hey, I’m Nisa! I am a wife, a mother, a published author, a lifestyle blogger, a foodie who loves to eat, and I have an amazing dog named Archer. My blog is designed to entertain you, make you laugh out loud, allow to you relate to everyday stories, inspire you, and help get you in the kitchen. I want you to feel like you’re talking to your best friend when you read my blog. I promise it will be relatable, silly, and fun.

I started Kitchenability back when I was in culinary school with a dream that my recipes would taste good, be easy to recreate, and inspire others. In 2012, I was cooking for college students who lived in small spaces and dorm rooms. Since then, many things have changed. Many of those students are now newlyweds, home owners, and starting families. I am now married, have bought my first a home, and started a family as well. This blog is for anyone who loves a good laugh, a glass of wine while they cook, and overall are trying to juggle life and all its obstacles!

As my slogan goes “Kitchenability is all about becoming best friends with your kitchen in order to feed yourself for life!”