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Preparing your family for any situation


September is National Preparedness Month, and that means that this is the perfect time to teach your families about being prepared for fires, break-ins, and more. This is just the beginning for tips you can be using, so check out for even more ideas. This might not seem like the most exciting thing to teach your kids, but try to make it more fun by having pop quizzes on your emergency plans.


Have a family safe word. Pick a completely random word or phrase for your family to use in case there is an emergency. This can be useful for so many instances. From a password to open the front door to your child calling you worried while walking in the neighborhood, this is a great way for your family to know something is wrong while being discreet in public. A great example is asking a family member to do something that normally wouldn’t need to be done – such as feeding your fish when you only have cats.

Keep a list of emergency numbers where anyone can find them. Have your local emergency numbers, like the police department and poison control, somewhere accessible by everyone in your family. KidsHealth has a wonderful guide on what to include on this sheet. Teach your kids the different uses for all the numbers so they know what to do if they ever have to use them. Make sure you make any babysitters aware of the list as well.


Teach your kids how to use the devices that protect your home from break-ins. It’s so important for children to understand what keeps bad people out of the home and how to use them. Make sure they know how to use any locks, garage openers, or security devices your family has – especially if they’re old enough to stay home alone. Some security systems even have passcodes specific to your children so you get a text each time one of them goes in or out. SimpliSafe’s Twitter account has great safety tips you can use to keep you updated on home security.


Educate your family on safety tips for fires and natural disasters. According to Reliefweb, 218 million people are affected by natural disasters each year. Teach your family what to do to stay safe during floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and more. Similarly, make sure they understand the dangers of fires in the home and steps to take if one happens. Take a look at for tips on fire safety. They have a fun downloadable game to teach fire safety tips that can be adapted to any natural disaster as well!

I really hope these tips help your family should any situations like these arise. Make sure to continue to check in with everyone a few times a year so these tips aren’t forgotten a couple months after you teach them. What are your tips on preparing your family for instances like these?



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