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The Big Crib Transition, White Noise and a Fun Mommy Video

My daughter is sleeping. Should I be, too?

Everyone says when the baby sleeps you sleep, right? I want to know how many moms actually do this. I use this time to do things around the house like laundry, write, or, eventually, eat something.

We have also officially hit one of our first milestones. We have recently transitioned Eleanor to her crib, and it went way smoother than I anticipated. I will say our Infant Optics video monitor put me at ease. I was watching the screen like a hawk the first night till I drifted off to sleep, but she did amazing in her room. She now naps in the crib, too. After she is down for the night, and fed, I can take a shower, read in bed for a little, than get ready for the night shift.

We have the white noise going all night for her. I seriously love the Dohm white noise machine. It is one of the best investments I have made! It’s a little pricy, but worth it! It plays a heartbeat sound while she sleeps. My husband says we are aiming for the womb effect!

Everyone has their ways of doing things as parents, and believe me there are days I still wonder, am I doing this right? Am I feeding too often? Am I giving in? Am I doing this whole raising a child thing right? What is right, honestly?

I feel as new mothers we need to stop ganging up on one another. There is way too much judgment, and sometimes you have to tell yourself, I am not right, and maybe their way is better, or say “whatever works for them.” The rules for one mom will not apply to another. Trying to force your own opinions on another mom will fall on deaf ears most of the time.

I recently saw this awesome video and it really shows we are not all alike. But, even through we’re all so different, we should still support one another as moms and all that we go through in raising our children, because, at the end of the day, we are doing what’s best for our children. We all get up at night, most of us need coffee to function normally, and we all need support when we feel like we are not doing this mommy thing right.

Now, I will say goodbye because my child is waking up, and most likely will need a boob, or to be changed. I leave you with this awesome video. Comment below on your thoughts!


Photos: Nisa Burns Cochran

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