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Checking Out CoVa BeerFest 2016 + the Food Truck Rodeo!

Nisa Burns Cochran at CoVa Beerfest 2016

It was a beautiful, sunny day last Saturday in Virginia Beach, as we made our way down the windy roads of Pungo, passing the amazing farmers markets, fields of corn, and horses roaming about. I leaned toward my husband, who was in the driver seat, and said, “I just really love living in a city where 15 minutes one way is the beach, and 15 minutes the other way is farm land.”

I was honored for the second year in a row to cover Coastal Virginia Magazine’s CoVa BeerFest 2016 and Food Truck Rodeo, which was held at the Military Aviation Museum, which, in itself, is a pretty fantastic place. It is a museum filled with a huge collection of old planes from all around the world.

When we arrived, I wobbled out of the car carrying my large thermos of ice water. Being 9 months pregnant, I couldn’t drink the delicious local craft brews this year, so I brought along my husband and his good friend to do the drinking. The friendly faces of the Coastal Virginia Magazine staff greeted us, and placed wristbands on our wrists. The boys grabbed their beer cups, and smiles emerged on their faces! “Where do we start?” they said in harmony.

CoVa Beerfest 2016

The first craft brew they hit was Young Veterans Brewing! I stood there looking over at the boys’ cups being filled with the glorious, light amber colored beer. It happened to be one of my favorites — Pineapple Grenade. A little envy came across my face as my thermos swayed side to side in my hand, reminding me, “This is all you got till baby Eleanor is here!”

Bro's Fish Tacos food truck - CoVa Beerfest 2016

The boys set me up in a nice little area in the back, with our chairs that we had brought, and my husband hurried in line to grab me some fish tacos from Bro’s Fish Tacos! The wait was a bit long, but so worth it! I finally saw him walking back to me (which seemed like an eternity) and was able to get my hands on those yummy tacos — freshly battered and crispy. And that sauce! That delicious, spicy sauce. I was so ready to dig in! I swear baby Eleanor started doing flips in my tummy! I devoured them quickly, and every bite was better than the last.

Bro's Fish Tacos food truck - CoVa Beerfest 2016

I got a second wind after lunch, and so we walked around for a little. Emily, a good friend of mine, met us up there, and she helped me hit the food trucks while the boys sampled the beer.

I hopped over to get frozen lemonade from The Thirsty Frog. It was very icy and refreshing — a nice break from just sipping on water all day (ah, the life of a pregnant lady). My husband’s good friend Norm had a funnel cake, and Emily tried the frozen frappe. All three of us enjoyed our tasty treats. Emily and I definitely stole a few bites off Norm’s hot funnel cake as well! Who doesn’t love fried dough covered in powdered sugar? Come on!

The music was going strong from the stage, the vendors were selling out of items, and the crowd was laughing and smiling, while planes were taking off right next to us!

Your Pie Pizza food truck - CoVa Beerfest 2016

Our next stop was Your Pie Pizza. As we stood in line with anticipation of the cheesy goodness we planned to devour, we heard the lady say they only had enough dough for seven pizzas??? She pointed at me, and I immediately said, “four pizzas please.” I wasn’t going to lose my chance at these yummy pizzas. I ordered for Emily too, and the boys. She may have thought they were all for me, but trust me, the whole “eating for two” scenario is kind of a lie when your tummy is so compressed with baby. While we waited, we watched them assemble our pizzas and throw them into the smoky brick oven! A few minutes later, they were fresh out of the oven, onto a plate and into our hands! We set up at a table that had cleared in one of the hangers around the airplanes, and feasted on the pizza.

During our second lunch, we saw many vendors starting to pack up. It was getting close to that time, which was sad, because none of us wanted it to end. Billy and Norm grabbed one or two more beers before we headed out. I was tired at that point, so I was ready to put my feet up. As we headed out of the festival, we hit Twisted Sisters Cupcakes. I picked up two cupcakes for the boys and a monster brownie for myself. It was a nice way to end the day — on a sweet treat.

Everyone left with smiles on their faces and the boys left with beer their bellies. I had a great time, even though I couldn’t partake in the festival’s main event, which was the beer. I really enjoyed everything else it had to offer! Thank you Coastal Virginia Magazine! You all have done it again — a round of applause!

Oh, and one last thing, I asked the boys to tell me their favorite beers of the day, among all the ones they sampled, so here are their verdicts! Billy enjoyed the Bold Mariner Irish Red the most, and Norm’s favorite of the day was the Young Veterans Brewing Semper FI.P.A.


Photos: Nisa Burns Cochran
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