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Orange Honey French Toast Recipe

For this recipe I used sandwich buns in place of regular bread. We had quite a few on hand, so I decided to give them a try. The consistency of the potato bread helped soak in the mixture, so it worked out really well! It was nice to try something new. For another French toast recipe I love, you should also try my sweet and […]

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Quick Protein Shake Recipe with Almond Milk and Hemp Seeds

With a new job and a wedding to plan, this girl is busy! I just started my new job as the high school presenter for Stratford University, and I could not be more excited. Between the new job and my upcoming nuptials, I’ve been brimming with excitement! There’s so much to do, and with so much going on (and with trying to get into wedding […]

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Green Smoothie: Kale Banana Smoothie Recipe

After a long night of my puppy not going to sleep (crying and whining) and, well, being a puppy…I woke up exhausted. I couldn’t just crawl back in bed the next morning, because I had work to do. And, I didn’t want to just pump my tired body with caffeine and empty carbs. So, I concocted this green smoothie and man was it great. It […]

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College Cooking: Rice Cooker Pasta, Waffle Sandwich & Hummus Recipe

I filmed another segment for The Hampton Roads Show this week. And as you can see in the photo above, I had a lot of fun serving my hummus to the show’s co-host Chris Reckling. Ha! This time on the show, I made my Banana Cinnamon Waffles from Kitchenability 101, my Mediterranean Pasta (which can be made in a rice cooker!) and my Easy Hummus […]

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Breakfast On the Go: Two Easy Breakfast Recipes

Being in college can be challenging — all the exams, the stress, the focus solely on school and not on your next meal. Here are two simple breakfast-on-the-go ideas that won’t require too much thinking or too much prep time, so you can focus mainly on school. (Or, if you’re out of school and in a mad dash to make the morning commute, these recipes […]


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