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Drink Your Greens: Green Juice Recipe

I love my Omega juicer! I like to juice as often as I can, and pair the juice with a nice, healthy breakfast. My favorite creation is this awesome, yummy green juice. If you happen to have a juicer, you should try it!

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Weeknight Experiment: Pasta with Kale and Meatballs

Everyone has that weeknight conundrum where what to make for dinner simply eludes us. That happened to me the other night, but out of the confusion sprung inspiration, and I ended up making this highly experimental pasta kale dish that I guess I’ll dub with the ever-so-creative title: Pasta with Kale and Meatballs. I cooked with my favorite four-legged companion by my side, Archer. He […]

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TGIF: 3 Healthy Eating Tips for the Weekend

For this week’s installment of my “Friday Night Fun Snacks” series, I decided to instead offer tips that I use to stay as healthy and energized as possible over the weekend. I’m not saying you should skip out on your Friday night fun or on your Friday Night Fun Snacks, but do so while also being mindful of your health. Being in college is a […]

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