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My Breastfeeding Story: Overcoming Latch Issues, Supply Issues + More

Nisa nursing Eleanor

Breastfeeding was never even questioned when I was pregnant. I had the mentality that I would try my best and give it my all. Through the bloody, cracked nipples, the latching issues, the tears, exhaustion, and the overwhelming trial and error, we came out on the other side.


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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Soon

nisa cochran and eleanor

Hello all, I am taking an absence from Kitchenability for a while to focus on my family. The past few years have been so memorable, and have come with tears, joy, love, and so many experiences. I have met so many wonderful people over the past few years that have helped create Kitchenability, and what it came to be. I didn’t want to write this, […]


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We Welcomed a New Addition to the Kitchenability Family!

baby photography, newborn photography, virginia beach newborn photography, photographs of newborns

So, I had a baby. Her name is Eleanor. Many have said I am officially inducted into the crazy world of motherhood, which makes sense, since I pushed an 8-pound baby girl out of my who-ha! I also endured natural labor, made primitive sounds, and felt pain that I had never felt before. I went till about 8 ½ cm, then decided to get an epidural […]

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The Kitchenability 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2015 holiday gift guide! Every year, I like to compile a list of some of my favorite things. This year, you’ll notice that in addition to some of my go-to cooking gadgets, I’ve listed some of my favorite pregnancy items as well. And, well,  just some of my favorite clothes and books and such. Hopefully some of my recommendations will be perfect […]

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Cool Tips for Beating the Heat This Summer

Archer kiddie pool | @kitchenability

Wow, it just shot right into summer. I feel as if I had, like, two weeks of spring and then all of a sudden — BAM! We’re getting 90 degree weather. Well, to beat the heat I am doing a few things that are helping me to get through this hot weather lately:

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