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Its photoshoot/video Time!

Well this weekend is going to be packed with filming and taking amazing pictures with Noe and Patrick!They are such an amazing duo! I don’t know what Kitchenability would be without the two of them. I promise to post a few videos once they are edited. I plan to do a few different cooking videos this weekend that will benefit all of you! I will […]

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Buy a Kitchenability T-Shirt!

Check out the Kitchenability store and pick yours up today! Amazing quality. American Apparel brand made and printed in the USA! Take a little bit of Kitchenability home with you!  

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Kitchenabilitys San Diego Trip!

Kitchenability Inc. takes me from coast to coast regularly. I thought this time on one of my visits I would share  a little of my adventure with all of you! Check out Kitchenability in San Diego!

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“Extraordinary Desserts” in San Diego

“Decadent chocolate. Mid day snack. Why not??” Since a lot of my work is on the west coast. I try to stop by this bakery when ever I get a chance! Especially when Helen, my editor and I can work, and enjoy fabulous desserts! If you have never received the chance to visit “Extraordinary Desserts” in San Diego CA. You are missing out! This is […]

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What’s your Kitchenability?

You are about to embark on a Kitchenability journey to cook food to suit your lifestyle. Kitchenability is about making food that is easy, healthy, affordable and delicious. You will gain confidence in your ability to create dishes that satisfy you and your friends. Your kitchen might be in a dorm room, studio, apartment, or house. Whatever your cooking space, you can discover how to […]


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