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Who am I outside of Mom?

August 1, 2017  Finding myself again. I feel as if the universe is trying to tell me something. Am I supposed to be a mom right now? Am I supposed to put my dreams, my goals and my ambitions on hold, maybe? Raising a child is not for the weak, the sacrifice is one of the largest you will ever make. Through the many therapy […]

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Setting Goals, Second Trimester.

Day 4 pregnant and unemployed New series: My first year of motherhood. The trials, tears, love, and joy. It all started a year ago. It is personal, it is raw, and it is scary to share. Here are my journal entries, it has been a hard year, I am finally ready to share. I will be sharing my story in a series starting from last […]

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“Can I get out of Bed?”

New series: My first year of motherhood. The trials, tears, love, and joy. Day 2 Unemployed and Pregnant Jan.8. 2016 I woke up to the buzz of my phone and the rustling of Archer (my dog) attempting to snuggle with me.  I looked down at my phone and my emotions came surging back. It was a former student who I had worked with for a […]

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Inexpensive, DIY Home Decor Ideas

Spicing up any space in your home can be a bit of a challenge. When my husband and I first bought our home, we didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on fancy furniture or nice decor, but we made do with what we could afford. My family gave us a not-so-glamorous couch, which I put a slip cover on, threw some nice […]


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Sip on Low Calorie Cocktails This Summer!

As the summer approaches, cocktails are being sipped by the dozen outside, and barbecues are happening more frequently. It’s a season of food and booze, and it’s all coming in full force, ladies! Also, it’s bathing suit season. Yes, that wonderful time of year when we get to show off our lovely wrinkles, cellulite, and rolls! Juggling the fun consumption of booze and food, while […]

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