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A Christmas and New Year’s Update from Kitchenability

What’s been going on lately in the Cochran household? Well, besides my baby bump growing, and starting to feel little kicks more and more, we are starting up our baby registry, and getting some house projects knocked off our to-do list. I love the photo above because baby Cochran is growing every day and I get little updates! This one told me baby Cochran was as […]

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My 5 Favorite Holiday Foods: What Are Yours?

I love so many of the foods that come with the holidays, but there are a few holiday foods that top my list of favorites. 1. Gingerbread cookies: It’s a family tradition to bake these from scratch every year. I love them! Biting into a homemade gingerbread cookie truly makes Christmas complete.

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We’re Expecting! Baby Cochran Due May 2016

Billy and Nisa Cochran are expecting baby Cochran in May of 2016!

We have expanded our little family, and are adding a little one come May 2016. We are so excited and cannot wait to meet our little munchkin.   We don’t know yet whether it is a boy or girl, but are already in love with this little one!

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24 Ideas for Fun Couples Halloween Costumes

Wet Hot American Summer Camp Counselor Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and this year we decided to dress up as Wet Hot American Summer camp counselors, from the cult classic movie that got turned into the fantastic Netflix series! At the Halloween party we attended last weekend, we got a lot of compliments. And when I posted this picture of us in our costumes on Facebook, we got tons of compliments on there, […]

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The Road to Wellness: The Blood Type Diet + 21 Day Fix

blood type diet

I recently went to my fantastic doctor Janine Lex, who is a big advocate of The Blood Type Diet. And, after many meetings, tests, and results, I have decided to add another layer to my recent experimentation with the 21 Day Fix fitness plan. I will for sure keep up the amazing 21 day workouts! I am just switching things up a bit to better […]

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