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What Coffee Now Means to Me + 5 Coffee Recipes!

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Before having a baby, coffee was not as meaningful as it is to me now. I wouldn’t freak out if there wasn’t any milk for the already-brewed coffee. And now? Well, for example, the other day I actually went to ask my kind neighbor for a cup of milk, because coffee is now that important.

Now, I am lucky if I get to finish my whole cup of coffee. Before, I could sit and enjoy it warm, right after it was brewed. Now, I have to make sure my daughter is fed, changed, wrapped in a warm blanket and placed in her swing first. Then, I have to hope she doesn’t cry for a boob again, before I can sit down, eat, write, and have coffee. That usually means my morning starts at 6 or 7 am, but I don’t eat or have a cup of coffee till 9 or 10am.

As I sit here and type, I have my daughter nursing on one boob while I type with one hand. My coffee is a tad cold already, yet seeing these milk smiles spread across my daughter’s face makes it all worth it.

In the spirt of needing coffee, I have put together 5 coffee-themed recipes — one of my own, and a few from some of my favorite bloggers! Enjoy.

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