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TGIF: 3 Healthy Eating Tips for the Weekend

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For this week’s installment of my “Friday Night Fun Snacks” series, I decided to instead offer tips that I use to stay as healthy and energized as possible over the weekend. I’m not saying you should skip out on your Friday night fun or on your Friday Night Fun Snacks, but do so while also being mindful of your health.

Being in college is a job in and of itself. And, many of you likely have jobs that require a lot of your time and attention on top of going to class. So, believe me, I understand the urgency to blow off some steam over the weekend.

But, it’s still important to try and eat somewhat healthy over the weekend, to keep energized and to maximize your time out of class. So, with that in mind, here are three healthy eating tips I wanted to share:

Tip 1: “Go Skinny” on your drinks, if you’re going out drinking with friends. This basically means watch your mixers! For example, a skinny margarita uses fresh lime juice and agave nectar instead of the sour mix. This takes a lot of sugar and excess calories out of the equation. Also, if you are a beer drinker, try to turn to a lighter beer without so many calories.

Tip 2: “If you are going to indulge, choose to do it only at one meal.” Choosing to splurge only at one meal during your weekend will allow you to not only enjoy it more, but it will help you gain a sense of self control. Also, only doing it once will really make it worth while. You will be anticipating it all week, and it will feel more like a treat!!!!

Tip 3: “Plan a night in with friends.” Going out to restaurants is nice, but can get expensive, especially if you like to have a couple of drinks. Planning a night in will allow you to practice your cooking skills, while saving you a couple of bucks. Also, eating in can save you on those excess calories and portion sizes that you get at restaurants. With you in control of the recipes, you can make sure you’re sticking to a healthier meal plan.

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