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The Road to Wellness: The Blood Type Diet + 21 Day Fix

blood type diet

I recently went to my fantastic doctor Janine Lex, who is a big advocate of The Blood Type Diet. And, after many meetings, tests, and results, I have decided to add another layer to my recent experimentation with the 21 Day Fix fitness plan.

I will for sure keep up the amazing 21 day workouts! I am just switching things up a bit to better suit me as an individual.

With my blood type being type O, I need to up my nutrients and also my caloric intake. I will be adding in more proteins, veggies, and healthy fats, and I will be reducing the amount of carbohydrates I eat.

I am also adding in an XYMOGEN i5 shake. It has great amino acids and a good serving of protein! Plus, it’s delicious.

Dr. Lex has seen me since I was a young child and I trust her judgement regarding my health and wellbeing.

I look forward to this journey and hope my levels improve, my focus increases and that I lose a few pounds…because who doesn’t wish for that!?!

I also will be working on creating a few yummy recipes that fit with The Blood Type Diet as the month’s progress, so keep an eye out!

If any of you have ever been on this journey before, please give me a shout out and tell me how you did! I’m eager to hear your stories.


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One thought on “The Road to Wellness: The Blood Type Diet + 21 Day Fix

  1. I have been loosely following the BTD (I’m an A+, secretor) since May & just this month I’ve started the 21 Day Fix. I’m so glad I came across your post b/c otherwise I haven’t found anyone who does both.

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