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How to Clean and Cook an Artichoke


In the how-to video below, I demonstrate how to clean an artichoke. I know this vegetable can sometimes seem like a difficult one to approach, so hopefully my video will help eliminate some of the artichoke apprehension and get you steaming and enjoying one of my favorite veggies!

Once it’s cleaned and all ready to go, I didn’t want to leave you hanging without any tips on what to do next, so I’m also including one of my favorite recipes for an artichoke dipping sauce.

First, watch this video:

Chef Nisa Burns Cochran on How to Clean an Artichoke

Once your artichoke is cleaned:

1. Fill up a pot of water and add lemon juice, salt and pepper to the water (Optional: You could also add crushed garlic and herbs to the water to taste — go crazy!)

2. Insert the artichoke pointy-side down into the water

3. Bring the water temp up to a simmer and steam the artichoke in the water for about 45 minutes to an hour

To eat, you just pull the steamed leaves off of the artichoke one by one, dip them into some tasty dipping sauce (recipe below), scrape the meat off of each leaf with your teeth, and then discard the rough part of each leaf.

Artichoke Dipping Sauce Recipe

  • 1 Tbsp butter, melted
  • 1/2 a lemon, squeezed
  • a sprinkle of salt and pepper


Photo: “Artichoke” by George Grinstead is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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