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Cooking in College: Top 5 Dorm Room Essentials

rice cookerCooking in college, even in a dorm room setting, is possible. All you need are a few dorm room essentials and then you’ll be prepped to make tons of your own, easy and healthy meals.

In the video below, I share my “Top 5” items to get you cooking in college, right in your dorm room or small kitchen. Then, once you’re all set up and ready to go, you should check out my cookbook, Kitchenability 101, which is full of recipes for easy college cooking.

This site is dedicated to easing new cooks, especially cooks starting out without the conveniences of the typical big home kitchen, into the wild and fun world of preparing their own meals, which is often a much healthier and affordable option for students.

And, as a recent college grad myself, I’m here to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

Chef Nisa Burns’ Dorm Room Essentials

P.S. Once you get your rice cooker hooked up and ready to go, be sure to check out my Rice Cooker Recipe series! I’m constantly adding new items to the list, but to date I’ve posted several tasty rice cooker options, including my:

Chicken Chili Recipe

Pasta with Garlic Sauce and Kielbasa Recipe

Gluten-Free “Caesar Salad” Pasta Recipe

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Are you a student or just a new cook living in a space with limited kitchen appliances, counter space and gadgets? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments section below.

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