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Kitchenability + The Slender Student in Austin, TX

2013 is going to be a great year for Kitchenability. There are so many exciting things on the horizon.

Earlier this week, I posted about my upcoming trip to Austin, TX. Since then, another great Austin-area event has been added to the schedule.

Kitchenability will be teaming up with Claire Siegel of the popular blog The Slender Student for an event at CYC Fitness. Burn off some extra calories during the pre-event Kitchenability ride, or join us at 7:30pm for some fun tips on healthy, portable breakfast options.


And, head over to The Slender Student blog for details on how to win a copy of Kitchenability 101 — she’s giving away two copies between now and January 15!

Some of the contest entries currently on the page just have me grinning ear-to-ear. To enter the contest, Claire asks entrants to leave a comment telling her why they want to up their “kitchenability” this semester. Here are a couple of the responses so far:

Lauren says:

Being in my last semester of college means so many commitments, between senior level classes and tons of activities it is some times difficult to eat healthy when it is faster just to swing by taco bell on my way home from class. Having access to healthy, swift, and easy recipes could really change how I eat.

Becky says:

I don’t cook. Like ever. I know it’s healthier but in my mind it just takes too much time. I know the easy and healthy recipes are out there, but having this book would help me have them all in one place. I want to up my “kitchenability” so that I can stay healthy and learn how to cook. Essentially I need to up my “kitchenability” so I can kick my chipotle addiction. 🙂

Jessica says:

I hope to up my “kitchenability” because I want to cook and eat healthier for myself! I get excited about cooking up wholesome meals for my boyfriend or my family, but I never make the time to enjoy simply cooking for myself. Next year I will be heading off to graduate school and will more than likely be living on my own. Instead of wallowing in loneliness and reaching for something easy in my freezer, I want to enjoy preparing meals for myself each day. I want to view my kitchen as a place to share with others, and a place to nourish my body and spirit.

It’s so great to hear that so many people want to improve their ability in the kitchen. To take their nutrition into their own hands and to learn the few tips and tricks that stand between them and a super tasty, healthy and easy-to-make meal. (That’s WAY cheaper, too!)

So, c’mon out, Austin! I can’t wait to meet all of you at one of my upcoming events.

As always, keep on eye on my Events Page for the latest.


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