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The 700 club and the Virginian Pilot for Kitchenability

The Day of Kitchenability started at 5:30 am.  I Woke up a little jittery, ready for my big appearance on the CBN’s 700 club. Hair and makeup came at 5:45am Shannan did a fabulous job! Before you knew it I looked like a new woman ready to take on national television.

7am came and before you knew it we were being picked up by the executive producer. My amazing publicist Stephanie stood by me the whole time.

round 7:45-8am we went through rehearsal, as my nerves and butterflies accumulated. The bright lights shined down on me, and the cameras   pointed at me. This was my time to shine and share Kitchenability with the world. I was ready and nervous all at the same time.

My time came and I was excited! I can do this I told myself. I NAILED it, AND it  went so well!

Here is the link:

After we finished the show I felt a sense of accomplishment. We grabbed a quick lunch re-charged our batteries and we were off to Old Dominion University. A reporter from the Virginian Pilot was writing a story on Kitchenability 101 and having 2 local college students make 2 of my dishes in their dorm room suite kitchen. I stopped in and the joy on the two girls faces made me melt. They treated me like I was a celebrity telling me how much they loved the book…”saying can I hug you!!!” I was just in pure “bliss” the photographer there took photos of us.  They were so excited to tell me what they had made from my book. They waited to see my reaction to their cooking skills as they poured me a bowl of chicken noodle soup. They also made the peanut-butter butter fluff drenched brownies. I was so proud to see these two girls enjoy cooking and see how Kitchenability is not just a book, not just a word, but a true movement.

Today was an amazing day.

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