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The Best Careers for Stay at Home Moms

You have decided to be a stay at home mom, yet you want to work. It might be a want for a career or something that can add to the household expenses. Either way, there are a ton of opportunities to help you achieve this.

It must be said that some are gimmicky and try to take advantage of mothers who are after real work.

Another thing to mention is most of the jobs offered for moms or are on online, so a decent computer setup is advisable before you consider anything too extreme. Filling in surveys and clicking on links is not considered a career, which is just something to pass the time. What mothers want is real paying jobs.

Many career choices will depend on the skill level you have gained from previous employment.

Here are some of the best career choices you can make a stay at home mom that might give you the opportunity choose to work from home:


Virtual Assistant

Includes scheduling meetings, and making sure company schedules are balanced and creating material for sales teams.


Online Tutor

Includes being experienced in a subject or subjects, this job can be a highly rewarding career choice. It offers manys the options of flexibility in scheduling.


Your tasks include listening to audio clips and converting the transcript into text, although not difficult, it requires a right ear and a high command of the English language. There is quite a few website who seek these duties, many of which you are required to perform a test. The downside to this job is that not all recordings are crystal clear, so understanding the person speaking can be unclear.

Account Managers

Also, classed as virtual bookkeepers, this job entails managing budgets, data entry, creating reports, and cash flows, along with other accounting tasks.

Content Writing

If you have decent writing skills, there are numerous opportunities including writing blog posts, articles, website content and much more be written. There are also positions available where people require proofreading and editors.

Social Media Managers

If you are well versed in social media and online marketing, these positions can be quite lucrative and one of the easiest to get. If you can create followers and drive customer traffic to a business’s product, there are lots of opportunities available. This sort of position also allows you to have more than one client at the same time.

Resume Writing Services.

Job seekers are always on the lookout for a high-quality resume and cover letter. This also has many businesses who offer professional resume writing services. You also have the opportunity, to perform this duty as something you provide in your area. It can be an excellent choice to add to one of the other positions above if you have the time available.

Most of these opportunities require very little or no startup costs as long as you have a decent computer and an internet connection. If you approach companies direct for positions, this is slightly different as if you are doing the work as a Freelancer.

This route requires you to pitch yourself to many possible clients as possible who are seeking people to fill roles in their company. Rates of pay as a freelancer can be less, yet they give an element of flexibility that might suit a stay at home moms schedule.

You will also see, this is not an extensive list and leaves out many more skilled options available which can include website design, graphic design or anything that requires a higher skill set.

Start off small and build up to something more challenging when you feel ready. There is no reason to put it off; there are thousands of mothers out there already doing it.


About the author – Emma Anderson is the head resume writer at Job Frog Resumes – When not helping people with getting their dream jobs she is running around after her 2-year-old daughter and managing to get some sleep here and there. You can find Emma on Facebook and Twitter.

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