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A few of my favorite wines!

Wine is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Many that know me well, know that I love a really good glass of wine. Especially while cooking, or after a long day. Being a mom is a tough job, and curling up on the couch with Netflix with a big glass of wine is paradise!

Here are a few of my all time favorite Wines! Comment Below on your favorites, and if you try any of these let me know your thoughts.

  • New Kent White Merlot  New Kent Winery is a wine paradise, with acres of vines and views that you never thought were possible.  I am not only a wine club member, but enjoy visiting on occasion. The winery is a beautiful place to sip a glass of my favorite wine,  New Kents White Merlot. It is not only my favorite wine among all others, but New Kent is one of my favorite wineries if you couldn’t tell. The White Merlot flavor profile is crisp and sweet. It is a great summer wine made from New Kent’s red Merlot grape. It gives off notes of citrusy pineapple, fresh pomegranate, and mandarin orange flavors.


  •  Veritas Rose, Veritas is a gorgeous winery with views that are breathtaking.  I enjoy every visit to this winery, along with sipping a delicious glass of wine. The Rose is crisp, light and refreshing. Veritas describes it as a “blush” wine and is made only from red grapes in a dry, Provencal style. It offers bright, fruity flavors, and is a beautiful wine to sip outside on the patio.



  • Stanburn Vidal Blanc  I had the pleasure of trying this wine during my time as a food writer. It truly is a sensational wine. it is described as having intense tropical notes with hints of peach and honeydew melon. The Vidal Blanc is very fruit forward with bright acidity and a zesty, citrus finish.

  • Willamette Valley Pinot Noir  I don’t have a favorite winery, but the Willamette Valley region in Oregon has some of the best Pinot Noir in my opinion.
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