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Great Indoor Activities for Cold Winter Days

Cold Winter Day Activites 

Guest Post By Erica Johnson

It’s cold out outside and your toddler has already tired of the usual toys. With hours to go before you reach naptime, you need a few tricks up your sleeves to pass the gray day. With InnerParents indoor activities for cold winter days, the time will fly by!

Arts and Crafts

Pulling out your arts and crafts snow day bin is my go to for a bored toddler. My daughter loves finger painting, but it’s not something I let her do on an everyday. Snow days are the perfect time to explore her creative side and get a little messy. I follow with a warm, bubbly bath and a long nap before we’re ready for supper.

Bake, Bake, Bake!

Children love to join in on grown-up activities, especially easy kids recipes! What better way to enjoy the chilly day by mixing together some warm brownies or chocolate chip cookies? Don’t forget a side of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Then snuggle up to a favorite movie.


Build a Snow Fort

For our family, cold days are all about comfort. We love pulling out all of our pillows and blankets and creating the ultimate fort. When we’re done, my child pulls all of her favorite toys into the fort and plays for hours. My husband and I will also crawl in and read several of her favorite stories.


Do a Science Experiment

If you’re taking the day off too, why not try one of those cool DIY science experiments for toddlers that you’ve seen online? I keep a few bookmarked for occasions like these. These experiments are very kid friendly and involve common household items. This doubles as a learning experience for your little one.


Make a Game Out of Household Chores

Days that I’m stuck on the indoors, I like to get ahead on some of my household chores. I make this an event with my daughter. She pulls out her just-like-mommy cleaning supplies, cleaning and dusting right alongside me! I love cleaning together because I don’t have to feel bad for not giving her my full attention.


Have a Spa Day

My little girl is fascinated with primping and pampering. I turn my living room into a miniatures kids spa and we paint tiny fingers and toes next to the fireplace. Sometimes, we even do hair and makeup (kid friendly of course). Afterwards, she loves showing it off to her dad with a princess fashion show.

Pull Out the Board Games

Have a competitive child? Family board games are a great way to pass hours of fun and teach your child important skills. We have everything, from UNO, Chutes, and Ladders, and even Wii Tournaments.


Sock Toss

My kids absolutely love sock toss. Arrange buckets, paper bags, or baskets in the middle of the living floor. Create balls out of socks. Whoever gets the most socks into the basket wins!


Did you enjoy this list? Like and share with family and friends! Don’t forget to let us know some of your favorite indoor activities on cold days in the comments below.



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