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We Welcomed a New Addition to the Kitchenability Family!

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So, I had a baby. Her name is Eleanor.

Many have said I am officially inducted into the crazy world of motherhood, which makes sense, since I pushed an 8-pound baby girl out of my who-ha!

I also endured natural labor, made primitive sounds, and felt pain that I had never felt before. I went till about 8 ½ cm, then decided to get an epidural to help me push. I will save you all the crazy details, but it was an experience and a wild ride for sure!

My daughter is officially 2 ½ weeks old, and I have finally started to somewhat wrap my brain around being a full-time milk factory for my daughter. If I am not nursing, I am pumping. And if she cries, I leak like a waterfall.

It’s a lot of pressure being a new mom, and NO one tells you how trying the first two weeks really are. Well, not outside your amazing mom friends. I recommend having a few! They helped me so much during a tough day home when breastfeeding was a challenge.

By the way, that is something no one will tell you either! Breastfeeding takes time, and it’s a dance you and your baby have to learn together. It doesn’t just happen right away. Sore, cracked nipples happened, but I kept at it, and I am glad I did.

The every 2-3 hour feedings, exhaustion, overwhelming love, milk smiles while nursing, and poop explosions, which my husband and I just laugh about while our daughter stares up at us covered in what looks like Indian curry, breastfed baby poop… It all makes this crazy journey worth every moment. There have been tears, laughs, and trying moments over these past two weeks and I am sure there will be many more.

The postpartum no one tells you about either is interesting. You kind of walk into it, then your mom friends go, “yeah, it sucks right?” For example, the pain and recovery of birth, the “joy” of not fitting into even your maternity jeans (and still looking sort of preggos), and wearing leggings for who knows how long, and having contractions after birth (yeah, that happens while nursing sometimes too!). I will leave it at that, since I’ll spare you the nitty gritty. Once you have gone through it, then you can express all the dirty details. I had no idea, and then once it happened, I was welcomed with open arms by my mom friends to talk freely of the details. It was awesome.

As I venture into this new chapter, I will be sharing more mommy stories, and recipes that are simple, easy and can be put together in between a feeding, because I know how that feels now. I plan my dinners around feeding schedules.

Thank you all and hopefully you will enjoy some of this new content coming.


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