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Budgeting for Home Improvement Projects

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So, recently we’ve had some house troubles.

It seems like house projects never end, right?

Well, new gutters are needed, and, trust me, all of this homeownership stuff is new to me still! Owning a home is hard and it definitely isn’t cheap. (There may also be a possibility that we’ll have to replace the roof soon, too — talk about expensive!)

After discovering all of this, and trying to justify it all in my head cost-wise, I realized, no matter what, that it all has to get done!

That’s when I found this great article on It’s specifically about budgeting for a home painting project (including interior and exterior paint), but the basic premise of setting a budget is helpful no matter the project. (Click to read: How to Budget Your Painting Project)

We can all get really overwhelmed by all of the new home projects that need to get done (including the projects that are in the process of getting done and are only partly completed!).

I could write an epic list of all the home projects I wish I had an infinite budget for. But, it will happen all in good time. I’m confident that things will all come together!

So, what has been your biggest project as a homeowner and how did you plan and budget for everything? I’d love to hear from you.


photo credit: Paint Prep via photopin (license)

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