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Love Your Body: On Body Image and the Media

love your body

Women, let’s have some real discussion today.

We all feel we have flaws. And many of us have this unnerving feeling that we want to change something about ourselves.

For example, mothers, right after child birth, often feel they have to get their pre-baby body back right away, carrying around unbelievable expectations of how they should look.

The media has put a spotlight on the ideal woman, and how we, as women, should look (i.e. not too skinny, not too fat, not too athletic — just somewhere in the middle).

We are constantly striving to reach some sort of goal for ourselves, and sometimes it’s way too unrealistic.

Ladies, we make ourselves feel guilty for having an ice cream too late or one too many glasses of wine. We make ourselves feel bad if we are lazy for a day and don’t work out. Why are we doing this to ourselves, ladies?

Why? Well, because we have been brought up in a society where a size 8 is too big, and a size 2 is perfect, which is literally insane, especially considering the average woman is a size 12.

More and more women are getting out in front of the media and saying: Screw the so-called “normal” size. We are who we are. These wonderful women include Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling and Amy Schumer. They are amazing, strong women in comedy who are using their comedy, and fame, to help young women have more of a voice. And we look up to these women who help us have a voice. [Read: 16 honest quotes about body image from famous women]

Back in the 1950s, a size 12 was considered gorgeous and “the ideal body.” Then, things started to change in the sixties when English model Lesley Lawson, better known by the nickname “Twiggy,” brought the size 0 to the scene, and the model body changed drastically.

Through the years, “the ideal body” has continued to change, of course. Currently, we are obsessed with a Kim Kardashian butt, Kate Upton boobs, a tiny-yet-athletic waist, and clear, baby-smooth skin.

As women, we need to band together and start loving ourselves a little more. We need to love the body we have, and keep that body healthy and happy. No one is perfect. Whether we are thick, small and skinny, or athletic, we just need to realize we are all different. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

Ladies, we just need to be happy and not be so hard on ourselves. We get only one life to live. If you want to eat ice cream, eat it in moderation. If you need that second glass of wine, because work was hard, or life has been crazy, or you are out with your girlfriends, do it!

Live a healthy, happy life you beautiful lady!

Throw away that scale, and say: I am the only me in this world. I am unique. I am beautiful. And, I love this body I was blessed with.

And to all the new mothers out there: You created life! Wear those stretch marks proudly.

You are all amazing ladies.

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Photo: “Love Your Body” by Andrea Parrish-Greyer is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
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