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Learning Different Baby Cries + Talking to Your Baby


As a new mom, learning my daughter’s cries has been challenging at times. You go through the roster of things and question: Is she hungry? Tired? Or just way over stimulated?

Recently, I started reading an amazing book called Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. It’s all about learning how to communicate with your baby. I am starting to really identify her cries with the help of this book. It really teaches you how to stop, listen, and then respond. I don’t rush to Eleanor right away. I let her cry a minute to see what she is trying to tell me. I now can tell you her hunger cry is way different than any other cry. I try to catch it early before she’s in hysterics, because by then it’s almost not identifiable.


She is starting to smile and coo a lot more, and man does that melt my heart. In the book, it talks about talking to your baby as a person, and respecting what they are trying to say, and don’t babble at them. I talk to Eleanor about our day, what we are going to do, and we actually sit her in her car seat on the kitchen table when my husband and I have dinner and chat about our day. The communication is key! Sometimes, she actually coos back, and when she does coo and chatter a little, I stop and say to her, “Really? or “Wow, that is so interesting!”

I also watched this amazing documentary called The Beginning of Life, and I highly recommend it for any parent. You will have to read subtitles, but trust me, it’s worth it. I enjoyed watching it. It’s all about the beginning of a baby’s life. How much they take in, and how they are not blank slates, and how they can understand more than we give them credit for. And, why they do the things they do.

The Beginning of Life investigates what separates us and what is essential to all of us, how we can create a better society by investing in the first years of our lives.”- IMDb

So if you have some time, please go check these two things out. I will say it opened my mind to all things baby and communication.


Photos: Nisa Burns Cochran
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