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Birthday Beers, BBQ and Seafood!

Thursday, June 4 was my birthday, and it was spent with wonderful friends and family.

Metropolitan Oyster Exchange | @kitchenability

On my actual birthday, we went to Metropolitan Oyster Exchange in Virginia Beach, VA. We chowed down on seafood galore! I enjoyed a nice helping of fried oysters, scallops, and a large bowl of mussels. The mussels were soaked in a bowl of chicken stock, lime, cilantro and jalapenos. I was in heaven! I don’t get to eat a lot of shellfish, because my husband is not a big shellfish fan. So, when my birthday comes around, it’s seafood eating time! To finish, we enjoyed yummy French toast cupcakes!

Then, over the following weekend, we had a nice BBQ with family and a few close friends. I made the delicious Honey, Lime and Sriracha Chicken Skewers and Garlicky Beef Kabobs that I made over Memorial Day weekend again, which I blogged about in an earlier post. Everyone loved them.

kabob veggies | @kitchenability

My husband Billy manned the grill and the smell of grilled veggies, kabobs, hamburgers, and hotdogs filled the air. I cracked open a cold beer, took a seat outside (the weather couldn’t have been better), and enjoyed the great company of family and friends.

I watched my lab mix Archer play and romp around the front and back yard with my friend’s two little boys. They chased after him, held his water bowl in their hands and laughed as Archer drank out of it. Seeing Archer be so careful, gentle, and genuine around children made me so very proud. I kept getting comments on how good he was being, which made a pet mama proud.

We eventually all shuffled inside to do cake. The cake was a Mozart Cake from Sugar Plum Bakery, which is a Virginia Beach staple. It’s a vanilla cake with custard cream filling, a layer of raspberry jam, whipped cream frosting and chocolate ganache!

Hardywood Brewery | @kitchenability

On the Friday of my birthday weekend, we were up in Richmond, VA for a work event. It was nice because Billy and I  got to visit with his mom and stay with her.

On Friday night, we went out to Hardywood Brewery in Richmond. Truly a fun spot. It had a classic feel with a modern twist. They had a jazz band playing and a food truck called Bodillaz Famous Quesadillas outside. I ordered a Cajun quesadilla, buffalo wings and fries…. Yeah, I was a little piggy, but man was it good!

Strangeways Brewery | @kitchenability

After sipping on one or two beers, we headed off to another brewery called Strangeways Brewing. It was getting a little late, but it was worth the trip. As i walked in, I was greeted by a modern feel with a very electric vibe. Their mascot was a monkey. We got our beer and walked back to the brewery room, which was labeled “The Laboratory.” It was low lit and had picnic-style tables. It was a lot of fun and the beer was also super tasty and flavorful. The flavor profiles would make your head turn a little, but, surprisingly, you walk away with a new appreciation for beer.

All in all, it was a great birthday this year!

Photos: Nisa Burns Cochran

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