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Wedding Cocktails: Which Signature Cocktail Should We Choose?

wedding cocktails

Have you ever thought about what signature cocktail you’d like to have at your wedding? Or, did you already have one at your wedding?

It’s a fun way to share a little bit about you (or you as a couple) with your guests.

As I’ve blogged about recently, my fiance Billy and I are in the midst of wedding planning. And, right now we are discussing which signature cocktail we’d like to serve on the Big Day.

My favorite cocktail, hands down, is a Dark ‘n Stormy (pictured on the left). His favorite cocktail is an American honey whiskey on the rocks (pictured on the right).

He’s very classy, and a simple man at heart. But, is it a good idea to serve straight liquor on the rocks at a wedding? We don’t want anyone getting too sloshed, yet it is Billy’s favorite….

So, I am hoping you all can help me out a little bit. Which signature cocktail should we pick? I know signature cocktails are fun and trendy, so do we have both, or just one?

A Dark ‘n Stormy usually consists of 2 parts rum, 3 parts ginger beer, and is garnished with a lime. It’s a little bit different and not a lot of people have had ginger beer. I thought it’d be a fun cocktail to highlight on my Big Day.

So what cocktails are you having (or did you have) at your wedding? Are you featuring a signature cocktail?

Please chime in and tell me. I need your help deciding!


Photos: “Dark n Stormy” by Matt Feifarek is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0; “A Glass of Whiskey on the Rocks” by Benjamin Thompson is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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