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Fun Third Trimester Symptoms & My 30-Week Pregnancy Photo!

Nisa Burns Cochran belly bump

Well, I am starting to feel huge, and I’m getting leg cramps… Yup, this pregnancy is in full swing! Oh, and feeling the occasional foot lodged up in my ribs is the new normal now.

I only have about 8 weeks left and, honestly, I am so ready to meet her. I am so excited to see what our sweet little girl will look like. I realize my days of freedom are numbered. Soon I won’t be able to sit here alone and blog, eat a bagel while it’s still hot, and go out to the store grocery when I need to without it being a journey. I know life will change drastically in the weeks to come, and so many around me have told me that. I am nesting, and mentally preparing myself for another tiny human to be welcomed into our world.

We have taken the childbirth classes, and I have read a few articles and books on what to expect when it all goes down! I know my labor will be a surprise regardless. Nothing can be planned, especially that. As of right now, I don’t know what that pain feels like, but from talking to many women that have gone through it, you kind of want to call yourself a superhero after the ordeal. “Ummm… I just pushed out a human. And now I can feed it from my body.” That’s pretty amazing.

I have been reading a lot of Scary Mommy blog pieces, and some I just love — especially the ones regarding pregnancy. Our bodies change a lot in pregnancy, and this woman’s article gave some great advice. Snap a photo of yourself, don’t be shy, and realize this is a beautiful time. The weight is coming on in full force and at every OB visit it seems like the scale is going up and up… So, to honor this, I wanted to share with you my 30-week pregnancy photo.

I am sure over these next 8 weeks I will start to see my belly grow larger. Life is too short for us to pick ourselves apart. I look in the mirror and can’t believe I am keeping a living, breathing, human alive 24-7. That’s amazing. So, who cares if an extra 10 pounds gets added on? I will have time to burn that off later in life. For now, I am going to realize this is a beautiful time in my life. Feeling her kick, press against my bladder — and not allow me to sleep or get comfortable — will all be worth it when I see her.


Photo: Nisa Burns Cochran


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