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Pregnancy Tips: Second Trimester Checklist

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Now that I am into my second trimester, my little one is growing and so is my belly bump! I am saying “goodbye” to pants and “hello” to leggings on a more regular basis! And, I have felt baby move here and there — little flutters.

I have also been cracking down on my to-do list lately. Really, I should say our to-do list, since my husband is rightfully involved as well. What to get done in the second trimester? What to buy? What’s the next step? Well, for one, we find out the sex of the baby soon, so that will be magical and very exciting!

We have taken a few prenatal classes and have enjoyed them and have learned a lot. If you’re expecting, I recommend looking into them! Great info and it’s also nice hearing advice from a trusted source. A neonatal nurse taught the “taking care of baby” class my husband and I went to and I loved that. It was nice hearing baby advice from a source other than your mom or dad or grandma, etc.

We have also looked at a few daycares in the area, because waiting lists are crazy long!! It’s apparently better to get your name on a list early rather than wait.

House projects are coming along and I’m hoping to finish a few. And, I’m looking into finding a pediatrician as well!

We don’t have long to go. May will be here before we know it!

Here are a couple of trusted sources I have been reaching out to when trying to figure out how to prioritize my second trimester checklist:

The Ultimate Pregnancy To-Do List: Second Trimester via

Second Trimester To-Dos via

I hope you find them helpful!

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