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Pregnancy Update: Preparing for Baby Eleanor

coffee shop

The other day, I needed a little change of scenery, so I spent the morning visiting The Daily Grind, a local coffee shop near my house.

I love people watching while sipping on my tiny cup of coffee and munching down on my delicious cranberry orange muffin.

coffee shop

The change of pace was nice, but looking at the cute little kids in the shop made my mind wander and I started thinking, “Holy cow, I have such little time left before our little baby girl is sharing this time with me. Alone time may be no more.”

I know no one can prepare you for what lies ahead in motherhood — everyone is different and every kid is different. I know that. No book, article, or Parent of the Year can tell you what is right or wrong, or what works and what doesn’t.

I am trying to get my ducks in a row, and it’s seeming like one duck is constantly getting out of line. There are so many little things to do before Eleanor makes her appearance in May!

My preggo nesting is kicking in like crazy lately! My poor husband….

Our foundation has officially been fixed (finally). (If you have ever had to go through a foundation repair on your home, you understand the financial burden that comes with it.)

My husband and I have started making a list of house projects that need to get done before the baby gets here, and hopefully our wallets can handle it. We have also made a list of all things Eleanor needs (or, I should say, I did). My husband appreciates the lists, and so do I. I taped the list to our fridge and we are slowly chipping away at it little by little.

It’s going to be a lot of work, but I know, in the end, it will give me a little sanity to know they are done.

I know that my love and her daddy’s love and all her family’s love will be all she needs — along with food, water and shelter, of course. I just want the best for her, and if I can fix drafty windows and a slipping house, as well as dusty duct work to help her breathe, I am going to.

These are the days you wish Ellen DeGeneres would show up on your door step to make you laugh and say, “Ok, where do we start?”

I can’t wait to see what little Eleanor will look like, and who she will look more like. I am excited to see my mom and family melt over her and I just know that this little lady will be so incredibly loved.

We have four more months to go, and, trust me, I know it will go by so fast!


Photos: Nisa Burns Cochran


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