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Third Trimester Update: Nesting, Sweets + More!

bluebird nest

Like the title of this post says, my life has been about nesting, sweets, and so much more these past few weeks.

I literally reorganized my entire office and purged so much stuff, including a few pieces of furniture, to make room for sweet Eleanor’s arrival in 8 weeks.

Sweets, yes a sweet tooth has come over me lately, and I have to watch myself because I could totally eat a whole chocolate cake by myself. That’s been a new craving and not a healthy one, like blueberries. I have been tempted to bake up that amazing chocolate cake with butter cream frosting just because. Maybe I will. Gosh that sounds good right about now, along with my double chocolate chip cake mix cookies. Yum. Ok, I need to stop now!!

Pregnancy can give you some wild cravings, or just ones you wish would not go to your hips. Haha.

Nesting has been a big one lately! I know that I am weeks away from the actual date of Ellie’s arrival, but I’m having bursts of energy to reorganize and get her room ready. And I’m doing loads of laundry, including some of hers. My sweet husband has been so patient with my need to get things done. Especially with helping me lift, move, and set up everything. The American Pregnancy Association says nesting is one indicator you could be close to delivery day… We’re hoping she bakes a bit longer, but it does say days to weeks.

I liked this article from The Bump, which discusses different takes on nesting. We have done a lot during this pregnancy. Some of the big projects we have conquered thus far include fixing our foundation, windows, ducts cleaned, and we reorganized part of the house. We are making room for a new person. Stuff like this takes time to get it just right.

What were some of your biggest third trimester pregnancy cravings? And when did your big burst of energy kick in to nest like a mad woman???


Photo: “Bluebird Nest” by Mechanoid Dolly is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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