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Kitchenability’s Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert Review

Arctic Zero ice cream

July is National Ice Cream Month, and to go along with that I have decided to highlight Arctic Zero’s ice cream-like frozen dessert.

They sent me a pint of their sea salt caramel flavor to try, and honestly I could not believe how tasty this was for being only 36 calories per serving (the whole pint is is only 150 calories!). I was shocked. It’s a great substitute for the health conscious. It is also gluten and dairy free.

I will say, as a bride trying to watch my own figure before the Big Day, this is a great option. Watching my weight has been on my mind, but on occasion I love a good bowl of ice cream. As I was eating Arctic Zero, I can tell you I didn’t feel guilty at all!

The only drawback is it doesn’t have the exact texture as real ice cream and the flavor is a little blander, but for half the calories of regular ice cream, I think it’s a pretty good choice.


Photo: Nisa Burns

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