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More Must-Have Third Trimester Products

My Pillow brand pillow

It’s one of the last remaining weeks in a silent house before baby Eleanor arrives. This month, I will become a mom and Billy will become a dad. Soon, our world as I know it will forever be changed. I am so excited to meet our daughter, and so is Billy. As I near the end of my pregnancy, I’m really only wearing my Motherhood Maternity leggings and comfy tops. But, there are a few more third trimester must-haves that I wanted to share with you!

If you have been following me throughout my pregnancy journey, you know my leggings are my top favorite! Also, my portable water bottle with a straw is a must. I take mine literally everywhere now.

A new one I wanted to add to the list is the My Pillow. With lots of lost hours of sleep due to cramped legs, getting up to pee, and everything else that comes at the tail end of pregnancy, I love this pillow! It’s soft, cushy, and overall the best! You can see it pictured above, with Archer raving about it as much as me!

Another biggie is Vitamin E oil. I just recently started applying this to my stretch marks, along with Mederma stretch mark cream. Yes, I didn’t make it out without some. I have officially earned my tiger stripes. Hoping it will help.

I also have ordered my nursing bras, and I have actually started to wear them. I will say they are extremely comfortable, and, at this point, comfort is my best friend!


Photo: Nisa Burns Cochran

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