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5 Quick and Easy Rice Cooker Recipes

rice cooker recipe, caesar salad pasta

Did you know you can use a rice cooker to cook much more than just rice? This tidbit becomes especially handy when you’re trying to cook in a dorm room or in a small kitchen without an oven or stove top.

I am lucky enough to be cooking in a full kitchen now, but when I was in college (and when we were remodeling our current kitchen), having a few good rice cooker recipes up my sleeve was a life saver. I was able to still eat healthy, hot meals without having to spend a fortune eating out.

Some of my favorite rice cooker recipes are my:

Gluten-Free “Caesar Salad” Pasta Recipe

Chicken Chili Recipe

Pasta with Garlic Sauce and Kielbasa

Quick Pasta Dinner

Spaghetti & Veggies

Give them a try!! What have you tried cooking in your rice cooker (besides rice)? I love a good rice cooker recipe!


Photo: Nisa Burns

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