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Blueberry Pregnancy Craving Recipes + Baby Eleanor Update

bowl of blueberries

The days are growing closer and closer to baby Eleanor’s arrival. My belly is starting to feel tighter, and I’m feeling a lot more kicks! I am starting to countdown the sleeps till she’s in my arms, looking back up at me.

I know our routine will change drastically soon, but I can’t wait to meet her, knowing that she will have a little of both Billy and I in her.

Nisa Burns Cochran - baby bump!I am excited to be a mom and Billy is overjoyed to be a dad. I know that it will be my hardest journey in life, and I know there will be times I won’t know what I am doing. I also know there will be crying fits — both my own, and Eleanor’s. But I cannot wait to see the love she will bring to this this family. The love she will give, and receive, will be overwhelmingly amazing.

Now that it’s February, we are only three or so months away from her arrival in early May. I’m excited to get her nursery ready, and to start organizing the house for her arrival! Total nesting is kicking in! I know you can never truly be prepared, but I am going to do my best to be as ready as we can be.

On a side note, the main pregnancy craving I’ve had throughout my pregnancy has been blueberries! Whether they are on something or in something, I have them just about every day now. Or, I just eat them raw — it doesn’t matter! I don’t think I have ever eaten this many blueberries prior to getting pregnant.

So, in honor of my super blueberry pregnancy craving, I have listed a few blueberry recipes you can whip up from my blog and from a few of my favorite food blogs. Enjoy!!

Blueberry Coffee Cake (Kitchenability via The Pioneer Woman)

Super Blueberry Smoothie (Kitchenability)

Fruity Pancakes (Kitchenability)

Blueberry Banana Bread Muffins (Add a Pinch)

Blueberry Peach Salsa Recipe (Add a Pinch)

Pancakes with Blueberry & Cranberry Compote (In Sonnet’s Kitchen)

Tea-Infused Blueberries (Dessert for Two)



Photo: “Blueberries” by Maira Gall is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


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