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A Successful Cold-Brewed Coffee Experiment!

cold-brewed coffee

As we draw nearer to my due date, I am getting NO sleep. Whether it’s from a foot in my rib, or just getting up to pee, I’m waking up every hour. I guess Eleanor is preparing me for the zombie I know I will soon become when sleep is limited. My sweet husband is feeling it too, since I move around a lot, trying to readjust and get comfortable, and getting in and out of bed.

So, since I can only have a very limited amount of caffeine, I enjoy my 8 ounces of coffee in the morning. The other day, our coffee maker decided to stop working, and, well, since my husband didn’t have the time fix it right then, I decided to make cold-brewed coffee. He prefers cold-brewed coffee anyhow, so it worked out. I took to the Internet and I know it sounds silly, but I actually haven’t made cold-brewed coffee before. I have had it, but have never made it myself.

I followed this recipe from Food52. Since I didn’t have any cheese cloth, we just used a paper towel to strain it. My husband used the coffee filters too — worked great!

I personally like milk-only in my coffee (no sugar), but get creative!

Here’s the link to Food52’s helpful and delicious cold-brewed coffee recipe again: How to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee



Photos: Nisa Burns Cochran
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