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Best of BuzzFeed: My Fave Videos, Posts and Tips

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I am a total BuzzFeed fan. I try their recipes, I watch their silly videos, I read BuzzFeed Life and I for sure watch The Try Guys!

I’m pretty much just a huge BuzzFeed fan.

So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite BuzzFeed posts, videos and tips.

First, I love all of The Try Guy videos on BuzzFeed. It’s impossible to pick just one, since they are constantly making me smile. Seriously. I love them all. Here is one that will put a smile on your face, but you must promise me that you’ll watch more!

This one is called Regular Guys Try Magic Mike Stripping and the Results Are Hilarious:

I also watched this awesome video on BuzzFeed recently called Americans Try Bizarre European Food:

I seriously was dying watching this. I love the looks, surprise, and the disgust from some. The comments and the anticipation of them trying the foods is what makes this video one of my favorites!

I also love their great recipe posts, like this one called 7 Quick Dinners to Make This Week. Everyone needs some help in the kitchen, and these simple, easy recipes are amazing. Plus, they look delicious!!

BuzzFeed also features articles that are filled with helpful tips, like this one called 10 Life-Changing Things to Try in June. I will be trying a few of these, like the helpful leftover veggie savers (Food Huggers). They’re so incredibly amazing. Who would have thought?!

Do you read BuzzFeed? What are some of your favorite posts and/or videos? Please share so I can check them out!

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