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Boozy and Bright Holiday Eggnog Recipe

eggnog recipe | @kitchenability

This year was our first Christmas as a married couple. It was so much fun and we made many memories! We had a lot of family in town and we enjoyed a copious amount of delicious food and homemade eggnog.

We had a fabulous time making homemade eggnog, spending quality time together, and enjoying the little moments Christmas brings. I have attached a similar eggnog recipe for you to try at home too! My father in law had the recipe for the one we made, but this one from an article on Business Insider is very similar: George and Martha Washington Had a Super-strong Eggnog Recipe That We Can’t Wait to Make

The liquor we used in our brew was:

Irish Whiskey

Jack Daniels

Bacardi White Rum


Do you have a favorite eggnog blend that you’d recommend? Please add your favorites in the comments section!

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