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Good Morning! 11 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

green juice recipe | @kitchenabilityAs followers of this blog well know, I love breakfast foods. And, it’s an important meal to get right, since a healthy breakfast can really jump-start your day, your metabolism and your energy.

Breakfast is also one of the those meals that, unless it’s a lazy Sunday, we don’t tend to have that much time for. So, that means we have to be much more creative. I tend to like breakfast items that are easy to make in 5 to 10 minutes, and are portable, so I can enjoy them in the car or once I get to work or class.

Some of my favorite quick and healthy Kitchenability breakfast recipes are:

Green Juice Recipe (pictured)

Oatmeal with Fruit Recipe

Banana Cinnamon Waffle Sandwich Recipe

Kale Banana Smoothie Recipe

Super Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

And, here’s a list of healthy breakfast recipes I’ve bookmarked on other blogs that I want to try:

Homemade Breakfast Bagel (Tales of a Kitchen)

Inner Goddess Raspberry Breakfast Bowls (Pinch of Yum)

Whole Grain Morning Glory Muffins (The Kitchn)

Make-Ahead, Healthy Egg McMuffin Copycats (The Yummy Life)

Healthy Oatmeal Shake (Skinny Taste)

Acai Bowl (Slender Kitchen)

What are some of your favorite meals to start the day?


Photo: Nisa Burns Cochran

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