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Best Study Break Food: Brain Foods

For this week’s Study Break we’re going to focus on the best fuel to keep you revving through those all-nighters. Believe me. I understand the stress that comes with all-night studying. It can be over whelming at times. But, it’s important to take study breaks. And when you do, you should focus on refueling with the best foods to feed your brain.

All of the following foods are not only perfect brain fuel, they’re also easy to grab-and-go — for when your time is limited and you need to get back to the books! A handful of blueberries? A cup of coffee? A handful of nuts? All of these are great for your brain and can help you get through a tough study break.

According to EcoSalon and WebMD, here are a few of the best foods for study breaks:



blueberries EcoSalon says:“Blueberries are possibly the best brain food on earth: they have been linked to reduced risk for Alzheimer’s, shown to improve both memory and learning ability (and motor skills in rats), and they are one of the most powerful anti-stress foods you can eat. “






avocadoWebMD says: “Avocados are almost as good as blueberries in promoting brain health. It is a monounsaturated fat, which contributes to healthy blood flow. “And healthy blood flow means a healthy brain.







 nuts and seedsWebMD says: “Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E, says Pratt, explaining that higher levels of vitamin E correspond with less cognitive decline as you get older. Add an ounce a day of walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, filberts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seed, and unhydrogenated nut butters such as peanut butter, almond butter, and tahini. Raw or roasted doesn’t matter, although if you’re on a sodium-restricted diet, buy unsalted nuts.”



 chocolateEcoSalon says: “Chocolate sends your serotonin through the roof, so you’ll feel happy in short order. Dark chocolate is also rich in fiber. (Remember, fiber = healthy cardiovascular system = healthy brain.)It’s got brain-boosting compounds, it’s loaded with antioxidants, and it has just the right amount of caffeine.




Coffee.. yes, coffee

 coffeeEcoSalon says: “Did you know coffee actually contains fiber? That’s going to help your cardiovascular system. Coffee also exerts some noted benefit to your brain in addition to providing you with a detectable energy boost (note: it’s not as simple as boosting your brain-power, but it can make you work more effectively, depending on the work you are doing).



Photos: Blueberries By Simply Bike; Avocado By j_silla; Nuts & Seeds By edtechie99; Chocolate By DGH Chocolatier; Coffee By Kessop


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