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Paleo 101

Venturing into the Paleo diet was a bit overwhelming. The thought no bread or cheese at first was daunting. It has been about a month now and my body feels amazing. Paleo has not only changed and helped me mentally it is best for my blood type, being that is it an O blood type, the primal diet suites my body best. I wanted to […]

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The Road to Wellness: The Blood Type Diet + 21 Day Fix

blood type diet

I recently went to my fantastic doctor Janine Lex, who is a big advocate of The Blood Type Diet. And, after many meetings, tests, and results, I have decided to add another layer to my recent experimentation with the 21 Day Fix fitness plan. I will for sure keep up the amazing 21 day workouts! I am just switching things up a bit to better […]

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