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Good Morning! 11 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

As followers of this blog well know, I love breakfast foods. And, it’s an important meal to get right, since a healthy breakfast can really jump-start your day, your metabolism and your energy. Breakfast is also one of the those meals that, unless it’s a lazy Sunday, we don’t tend to have that much time for. So, that means we have to be much more […]


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Healthy Breakfast Idea: Oatmeal and Fresh Fruit

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to eat healthy foods in the mornings. Especially when you’re running around trying to get out of the house to get to school or to work on time. But, and I know you aren’t hearing it here first, eating a nutritious breakfast is extremely important. My breakfast du jour nowadays is a big bowl of plain oats topped with a […]

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7 of My Favorite Breakfast Recipes

I never skip breakfast. And, I like to blog about how important eating a good breakfast every morning is. Have you noticed? 🙂 It’s the one meal a day I stress never to miss. Starting off the day with a good, nutritious meal will really boost your energy and get your metabolism going! Here are a few of my favorite breakfast recipes:

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Green Smoothie: Kale Banana Smoothie Recipe

After a long night of my puppy not going to sleep (crying and whining) and, well, being a puppy…I woke up exhausted. I couldn’t just crawl back in bed the next morning, because I had work to do. And, I didn’t want to just pump my tired body with caffeine and empty carbs. So, I concocted this green smoothie and man was it great. It […]

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