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Best of BuzzFeed: My Fave Videos, Posts and Tips

BuzzFeed Badges

I am a total BuzzFeed fan. I try their recipes, I watch their silly videos, I read BuzzFeed Life and I for sure watch The Try Guys! I’m pretty much just a huge BuzzFeed fan. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite BuzzFeed posts, videos and tips.

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Rice Cooker Recipe: Chicken Chili Recipe

One of my favorite fall/winter meals to make is this Chicken Chili recipe, which is super fast and easy to whip up. And, this was all cooked up in my rice cooker, so it’s an easy meal to prepare even in the smallest of kitchens or dorm rooms. Cook up a big batch to share, or fill up a mug with the leftovers for quick […]


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5 Quick and Easy Rice Cooker Recipes

Did you know you can use a rice cooker to cook much more than just rice? This tidbit becomes especially handy when you’re trying to cook in a dorm room or in a small kitchen without an oven or stove top. I am lucky enough to be cooking in a full kitchen now, but when I was in college (and when we were remodeling our […]

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