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Paleo 101

Venturing into the Paleo diet was a bit overwhelming. The thought no bread or cheese at first was daunting. It has been about a month now and my body feels amazing. Paleo has not only changed and helped me mentally it is best for my blood type, being that is it an O blood type, the primal diet suites my body best. I wanted to […]

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The Road to Wellness: The Blood Type Diet + 21 Day Fix

blood type diet

I recently went to my fantastic doctor Janine Lex, who is a big advocate of The Blood Type Diet. And, after many meetings, tests, and results, I have decided to add another layer to my recent experimentation with the 21 Day Fix fitness plan. I will for sure keep up the amazing 21 day workouts! I am just switching things up a bit to better […]

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Healthy Kitchenability: 3 Gluten Free Recipes

Did you know that January 20 is National Granola Bar Day? In honor of the occasion, I’m including one of my granola bar recipes below, along with two other gluten free treats! My best friend has a lot of food allergies and is restricted from eating certain things like dairy, soy, and wheat — to name a few. So, since she’s so limited, we decided […]

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