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Focusing on the Next Five Minutes

New series: My first year of motherhood. The trials, tears, love, and joy. It all started a year ago. It is personal, it is raw, and it is scary to share. Here are my personal journal entries, it has been a hard year, I am finally ready to share. I will be sharing my story in a series starting from last year to now. Day […]

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Maternity Bras 101: Find the Right Style, Shape & Fit

pregnancy clothing

Today, we’re featuring a guest post + infographic from Emma Smith of! Women today are independent, career driven and lifestyle focused. We demand choices and have key preferences when it comes to our clothing styles, shapes and fits. When pregnant and breastfeeding, we want choices in maternity bras that resemble the bras we normally wear. Whilst there are differences to how maternity bras are […]

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More Must-Have Third Trimester Products

My Pillow brand pillow

It’s one of the last remaining weeks in a silent house before baby Eleanor arrives. This month, I will become a mom and Billy will become a dad. Soon, our world as I know it will forever be changed. I am so excited to meet our daughter, and so is Billy. As I near the end of my pregnancy, I’m really only wearing my Motherhood […]


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Hospital Bag Checklist for You and Baby

maternity hospital bag

We are officially a month out from meeting our baby girl. I mean, she could come early, but my due date is about a month away, and with that, it’s time to pack a hospital bag. I have started to compile a few things and have Eleanor’s bag ready, along with my own. I have done a little research, and have asked a lot of […]

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Feel Like a Pregnant Goddess in Your Maternity Pictures

Nisa Burns Cochran Maternity Pictures

The third trimester is drawing to a close and we are getting closer and closer to meeting our precious little one. I am about 6 weeks away from meeting our sweet Eleanor. The nesting is in full effect — no lie. I have been asked about a handful of times by those around me whether or not I have my hospital bag ready. Oh wow…this […]

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