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10 Pasta Recipes for National Pasta Day

Today is National Pasta Day! To celebrate, here’s a fun roundup of some Kitchenability pasta recipe blog posts.

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5 Quick and Easy Rice Cooker Recipes

Did you know you can use a rice cooker to cook much more than just rice? This tidbit becomes especially handy when you’re trying to cook in a dorm room or in a small kitchen without an oven or stove top. I am lucky enough to be cooking in a full kitchen now, but when I was in college (and when we were remodeling our […]

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Quick Pasta Recipe with Ground Turkey and Veggies

Today is my birthday!! Last night, I decided to kick-start the festivities by cooking one of my favorite dinners. I know, kind of weird that I’m cooking for myself for my birthday. But, my boyfriend is taking me out for dinner tonight for my actual birthday, so last night I thought I’d just whip up a meal that incorporates some of my favorite ingredients: spinach, […]


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Rice Cooker Recipes: Quick Pasta Dinner

As many of you know, my kitchen is under construction. So, I have been using a rice cooker, slow cooker, and microwave for cooking my daily dinners lately. And, with a little bit of creativity, I have been finding ways to still have a great meal every night. Tonight was no exception. I made the following quick-and-easy pasta dinner all in my rice cooker! This […]


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