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Kitchenability in Orlando and Tampa, FL – Take 2!

I am starting to feel like airports are my second home now, since I’ve been trekking all over the place lately!

This week, I was in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, making my first appearance on WFLA’s Daytime TV show and my second appearance on the show Life Love Shopping.

I had so much fun filming both shows!

Here’s me visiting Daytime, including a photo of me on the set with host Jerry Penacoli:

nisa burns on NBC daytime

On Daytime, I made a quick and easy Greek Salad that’s great for on-the-go eating. Just quickly toss it with some olive oil and lemon and then put in a to-go container to eat at work, after class — whenever! I also made my Mint and Cucumber Sandwiches from Kitchenability 101. You can watch that segment on the Daytime website here.

Next, I visited the set of Life Love Shopping. Here’s a photo of me hanging out on that set with the hosts:

nisa burns on life love shopping

I made my Mint Iced Tea, Strawberry Lemonade and Mango Lime Salsa recipes for this segment. All using fresh, summery ingredients.

You can watch my segment on Life Love Shopping below!

I also ate well on my trip. One of the trip highlights was a restaurant in Tampa called Datz. I started off with fried macaroni and cheese balls, which were sinfully delicious. Then, I had a fried chicken sandwich with house chips, topped with their special sauce. And, I washed it all down with a Bloody Mary with bacon in it — very different.

And, for dessert, I bought a few delicious macaroons. Aren’t they pretty?
Datz Tampa

During this trip, I also caught up with an old childhood friend, who let me stay with her while I was in Tampa! Thank you Lisa Jackson! I had a lot of fun!

nisa burns and lisa jackson


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