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Working the Boardwalk Wedding Photo Booth

boardwalk photo booth virginia beach

My husband and I recently started helping out Boardwalk Photo Booth here in Virginia Beach. (As if a job, school, blogging and running a household wasn’t enough right?)

Well, Carolyn Cox and Shawn Cox helped coordinate and DJ our wedding last November. And, they supplied the wedding photo booth we had there. Since then, we truly have become great friends with the two of them. They asked us to come on board as a couple, and Billy and I couldn’t say no.

We ran our first wedding photo booth together this past Saturday and we had a blast!!! The wedding was beautiful. It was filled with accents of gold, black, and white. There was drapery from the floor to the ceiling and a gorgeous chandelier hung center stage. Lighting was also a big player and man was it on point!

The guests were great, fun, and enjoyed the booth so much! Both Billy and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to break us in!! Thank you to the bride and groom, Stacy and Eric! Your wedding was memorable, fun, and we enjoyed being a part of it with the Boardwalk team!

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