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The Chelsea Handler: Pomegranate Martini Recipe

Chelsea Handler Pomegranate Martini - This cocktail uses one of Chelsea Handler's favorite vodkas--Belvedere. Toast to the season with this fruity and fun concoction! |

I love Chelsea Handler. I love her wit, spunk, and all around funny nature. So, when I wrote my first cookbook, Kitchenability 101, I really wanted to include a cocktail recipe in her honor.

The result is the recipe below, which I created while she was on a Belvedere vodka kick. It’s essentially a really tasty pomegranate martini recipe that I ever-so-fondly dubbed The Chelsea Handler.

It’s festive and sweet – the perfect libation for New Year’s Eve!

Or, if you’re pregnant (like me!), or the designated driver, try celebrating with one of my favorite mocktail recipes. Cheers!

The Chelsea Handler Pomegranate Martini
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth
  • 1 oz Belvedere vodka
  • 2 oz pomegranate juice
  • 1 lime slice
  1. Mix the vermouth, vodka and juice together, shake it up and serve in a martini glass or over ice.
  2. Garnish with a lime.


Photo: Patrick Onofre Photography

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